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Aug 10, 2019
'99 E46 328i, '01 E46 318isprt
How did everyone get communications from VM to car to work? I can use my old rheingold install, and communicate to my car and I can run a Windows XP VM and use INPA, but I can't get anything in this VM to communicate in any way with a car. Plugging in K+Dcan and trying both, gets a USB Serial Cable in device manager as expected comes up on COM3, 16ms latency. ISTA standard COM9 and 1ms latency didn't work either. OBD software has been run too. Easy Connect tool picks up nothing. It's got to be something stupidly simple I am missing. Thanks in advance

-Edit in case anyone comes across this-
Deleted the VM, and re-extracted it from the BMWCodingV3 archive we all downloaded so my install was fresh again.

I set host system USB Serial Cable (FTDI Chip K+DCAN) to COM1, 1ms Latency. Accept changes when Windows says COM1 is already in use, it doesn't seem to matter. Start VM and connect the K+DCAN cable to it. Set the USB Serial Cable to COM1, 1ms latency and again, tell Windows to accept the changes.

-Edit 2-
I don't think it really matters to set the host to COM1, because the VM takes priority of I/O when it's running by the looks of it actually. Just plug and unplug a couple of times until it shows in Device Manger on the VM OS then change COM settings and it should be good to go.
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