1. Michael721

    6hp19z vs 6hp19TU vs 6HP21

    Hi! The internet is full of oposite-way informations and for my customer project, I need to know the valid informatiom. Are these three gearboxes (6hp19z, 6hp19TU, 6HP21) in technical way the same just with different labels from different companies? A lot of forums and even wiki say so. Can...
  2. hassan_hamdan

    Another one on transmission reliabiltiy

    Hey everyone, so ive been doing alot of digging around the internet the past few days trying to wrap my head around the concept of transmission reliability. I am currently running a 09 E82 6AT that is currently stock! I havent done any mods to it yet and I do plan on doing most of the work over...
  3. RayBan

    Ad: xHP Flashtool: Official thread - ZF6HP TCU Flash

    xHP Flashtool is the worldwide first and complete Tuning-Solution for your BMW with ZF6HP automatic transmission. After 1.5 years of community driven development and some more 6 months and thousand of additional development hours, we are proud to announce the first all-in-one solution for BMW...