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    RB1s, Wedgeperformance, E50 - Dyno and Logs attached - 455whp/488wtq

    Hey Guys, Sharing some of my mods and feedback on my 09 135i N54 AT. 140k miles :sweatsmile: 3 pulls: - 443whp/500wtq (air box lid removed) - 455whp/488wtq - 441whp/492wtq Tune: - Wedgeperformance Flexfuel MHD E50 Custom Tune Mods: - RB1s DIY turbos - RB Inlets - DPs - Fuel It Stg2...
  2. N

    Need Advice ! Looking for tuner & questions on my current setup !

    Hey guys, so im in the process of looking for a tuner but before i waste there time or my money i want some opinions on my setup and if i should wait till i get a few other things so here it is... My current setup: - JB4/MHD Pump BEF with hybrid turbos default settings (just did this motor...
  3. WedgePerformance

    E9X WedgePerformance / MHD - Stock N55 Custom E30 Dyno

    Numbers are in for my baseline and custom E30 map. Peak numbers were 372.15 whp and 438.38 wtq. Really nice power gain under the curve. MHD N55 E Series WedgePerformance Custom E30 on Stock 2012 135i MSport DCT. All pulls in 5th gear. Pull 1 - 372.15 whp 436.16 wtq Pull 2 - 370.80 whp...