wedge performance

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    RB1s, Wedgeperformance, E50 - Dyno and Logs attached - 455whp/488wtq

    Hey Guys, Sharing some of my mods and feedback on my 09 135i N54 AT. 140k miles :sweatsmile: 3 pulls: - 443whp/500wtq (air box lid removed) - 455whp/488wtq - 441whp/492wtq Tune: - Wedgeperformance Flexfuel MHD E50 Custom Tune Mods: - RB1s DIY turbos - RB Inlets - DPs - Fuel It Stg2...
  2. AK135i

    EMP pump gas flash issues

    Good morning SpoolStreet members. Granted beating a dead horse isn't the best way to approach this, but i've been very busy these past few weeks since the EMP tune fiasco, and would like to share my story and how it was righted, but no thanks to EMP I have been running an emp bef on my ST n54...
  3. matreyia

    User Review - Wedge Performance vs. Twisted Tuning

    Car: AFE Cold Air Intake, MMP 2 inch inlet,outlets/ Dinan Oil Cooler/ Dinan Intercooler/ CSF Aluminum upgraded Radiator/Propulsive Dynamics Tranny/xHP stage 3/ MHD with M-Boost Option (don't know if this is being used) / VRSF DP/Forge DV valves/upgraded all hoses to silicon/BMW Performance...