upgraded twins

  1. spoolzone

    GotTuned (POLAND) upgraded Twin Turbos / Stage 3 twin disc clutch (pics+video links) for my FBO e92 build

    Un-boxed my Stage 3 Twin Disc Clutch AND my Upgraded Twin Turbos recently from GotTuned all the way in Poland. Very exited to try these out. Clutch looks like something you might find out of a spaceship :tearsofjoy: Figured I'd check out what the Euro market was up to since most build I know of...
  2. N54STYE92

    Single Turbo or Upgraded Twins (Cost Analysis)

    This topic has probably been beaten into the ground, but since I can't find any recent conversation on it...... I'm currently saving for upgraded turbo's for my 335i. The problem, aside from deciding on whether I should go single or upgraded twins is cost. I'm pretty sold on going twins at...