1. Blackarrow335i

    SOLD MMP‘s 1k‘s

    MMP’s 1k’s for sale! Turbos just came back from MMP from a rebuild (both front & rear turbo), Reason for the rebuild was my car was down lost a engine and figured good time to get the turbos freshen up and upgraded with the new MMP wheels (GT28 turbine) so you can be sure they have ZERO “0”...
  2. N52John

    BPC N54 Motor Build

    Hi guys, We wanted to start a thread to share the progress of a customer's build on his N54 335i. It is currently getting decked and line honed for assembly. Here's whats going into it! VAC Performance Coated Rod Bearing Set (BMW N54/N55) VAC High Performance Main Bearing Set (BMW N54)...