torque specs

  1. Michael721

    6hp19z vs 6hp19TU vs 6HP21

    Hi! The internet is full of oposite-way informations and for my customer project, I need to know the valid informatiom. Are these three gearboxes (6hp19z, 6hp19TU, 6HP21) in technical way the same just with different labels from different companies? A lot of forums and even wiki say so. Can...
  2. matreyia

    e93 Underbody Chassis Brace Torque Specs HERE.

    These are the torque specs for the front vertical, front and rear underbody chassis reinforcement bracing torque specs. They are PITA to find, but I found them. FRONT SECTION: 1. The front bolt that fastens the two diagonal v shaped vertically oriented bars that meet in the center of the...