1. VenZie

    MHD stage 1 91 oct. Timing?

    So I’m running 91 oct, with Judt intake and muffler delete. For some reason my car will go to 13.7 psi of boost when targeting about 13.5 then drop to 13 psi after it holds. Aeound when this happens I also get around -3 degrees of timing correction. Why would this be? And besides that does...
  2. S

    Need Help Tuning

    I honestly have no clue where to start this. I've been trying to self tune my N54 for a little and I cant ever seem to get everything right. Added fuel, saw the decrease in afrs (from 14-13). Did a few pulls and it felt good with no timing correction. Bumped up each load target table by 10. Did...
  3. V

    Technical Ignition advance on E85

    How much should I run? Gonna take a stab at tuning the car myself. Most logs I've reviewed from others with my setup (Doc Race / gen2 precision 6266 on full E85) have timing around 10* up top, but that's on a stock motor. I have a built bottom end and JE pistons with beefy ringlands and rings...