1. Twilight0524

    Does E9x Paddles send signal via canbus?

    Hi there, my plan is swap my E90 trans with 8HP70, i am using turbo lamik TCU, its manual says paddle signal can be analog or OEM canbus, so I wonder if E9x paddles send signal via canbus, i also replaced my ECU with maxxecu, so if the paddles are wired to a seprate module (not ECU or TCU) to...
  2. 1

    zf6hp19 to zf8hp45 swap

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I drive a single turbo (6266) e92 335xi fitted with the infamously sluggish zf6hp19 6-speed auto that can't hold power, and it's slipping with only 18psi. Instead of doing a rebuild or swapping to a manual (it's my daily and I live in busy NYC) I thought of doing...
  3. E92_Amit

    CIC Combox Retrofit Harness

    Anyone selling, or know where I can get, a complete PnP combox retrofit harness for TCU only?