1. JimmyNeutron

    N54 Configuring Syvecs for Speed-Density Fueling

    I ordered a Syvecs for my 335i a few weeks ago and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. Meanwhile, I've been talking with Rac from Australia about some of the issues involved with the base map that Syvecs provided him. He was kind enough to share his base map with me, since I haven't bothered to...
  2. aus335iguy

    SYVECS running N54 _ WHo has one?

    MHD represents the best value for money investment on this platform I know, but theres things it cant do(yet?) like control the DCT, Launch etc etc I have a DCT and SYVECs is one of the only real ways to control those boxes. Who has one? Are they as good as they need to be for the price you...