1. typedRew

    Secondary O2 sensors, tuned, still needed?

    On my last car, even though the 2nd cat codes were turned 'off' I needed the o2 sensor installed and plugged in to maintain proper fuel trims, not only did it need to be there but it could not be in a 'extended o2 tricker' housing. Had to be in the exhaust flow directly. I would get +12%-+18%...
  2. zmon1300

    STFT deviation issue. Help!

    Hey guys, I recently been having issues with the car bucking up top when doing WOT pulls. I have pure stg2 turbos. BMP pi. Full e85 car. Index 12 injectors that are about a year old. I noticed a few months ago my VC has a hairline Crack in it. I switched from mmp pi to BMP pi because of this...