1. gmagnus7

    New King "GPC" coated silver based tri-metal rod bearings for N54, N55, N52, S55, N20, N26

    Anyone hear anything about these? I was doing some research on rod bearings since I'm gonna pull my pan and do some maintenance anyway, and came across these. King Engine Bearings is offering a new bearing as part of their King Racing product line and are calling it GPC technology. The product...
  2. Bnks334

    Addressing N5x oiling and spun rod bearings (Accusump installed)

    I posted the gist of this in another thread but I am hoping that making a dedicated thread on this topic results in some CONSTRUCTIVE conversation regarding N5x oiling. Are there improvements that can be made other than just blaming oil? Or, are all the street racing bros right that Rotella is...