speedtech stage 3

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    E9X N55 PWG `Speedtech` kits

    Hello, I am really interested in, if someone has an experience with `Speedtech` kits on {N55 PWG} cars (Even EWG examples will be fine). It seems, this is one of the most powerful kits on the market based on my knowledge (Which is an extremely limited). Could you please to share more about your...
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    What is the most power people are getting from their stock Turbos with a tune?

    I am starting in phases the transformation of my 2013 135is slowly into a 1M coupe. Definitely thinking on getting the Speedtech stage 3. For now, I will start with a MHD tune maps. That said, I like to gage the power that can be subtracted out of the stock hardware. What is the most HP and tq...