1. Younge60

    MFactory twin discs clutch/flywheel sprung 6 puck 8 bolt

    Brand new in the box, never installed just inspected it and put back in box. twin disk, sprung, 6 puck, 8 bolt they are out of stock at the moment for 1600 on the website. looking to get 1450 shipped. north Texas 8178082170
  2. Ztuck45

    2010 335i Spec Clutch Install DIY

    Hey guys, if anyone is interested in doing a clutch install I made a DIY video on YouTube. I covered installing a spec stage 3+ clutch, mfactory single mass flywheel and a bms short throw shifter. I made the video as informative as possible so I can help out as many people as I can! I will...
  3. TurboMike

    Spec 3+ clutch or Mfactory twin disk clutch

    Going single turbo with the doc 6766 kit. Also decided to upgrade clutch while doing this as I'd only burn out the act 6 puck I have in now (565tq rating) quickly. I see there's has been problems with the spec twin disk not lasting which worries me about spending the money on the twin disk...