1. Seaneezy

    Precision Raceworks spark plug wire scare

    Pulling out my 5th cyl spark plug to replace after misfires. Pulled off the PR coil harness and the corresponding spark plug wire. Stick my spark plug wrench in the hole and out comes an insane amount of spark that shot out of the plug channel, luckily I was off to the side and was grounded...
  2. Seaneezy

    no cowl/engine cover + rainwater = ruined 6th cylinder spark plug

    It's raining in norcal recently, usually don't have to deal with these sorts of issues. I was having misfires in cyl 6, somewhat surprised since I replaced the spark plugs less than 2000 miles prior. I assumed it was a leaky injector that wasn't throwing codes but I pulled the plugs anyways to...