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    N54 (E92) Spark Plugs/Coils bad every 6-7k miles

    Hello all, first forum post so I hope I do this right. Got my car in April this year(2010 BMW 335i e92), and it currently has 70k miles. Mods: VRSF Dual Cone Intake Upgraded Chargepipe VRSF 7.5" Intercooler BMS Oil Cooler Valve Maintenance: Valve Cover Gasket 65k miles Oil change when I got...
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    Technical Spark plug indexing

    Disclaimer: this thread not meant for debates on whether there are any hp gains from spark plug indexing When it comes to spark plug indexing I've heard 2 different "correct" ways to do it. Gap facing intake, and gap facing exhaust. Traditionally, domestic guys and NASCAR race teams have...