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    Grey Smoke at startup

    Maybe Im not the luckiest N54 owner been having a new issue each month. Couple of days ago i noticed some smoke behind the car when i was going a downhill like 2 min after i warmed up my car and drove. This happened today as well Im not sure what is the problem. The car doesnt smoke at startup...
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    six x #8 injectors BMW INJ seal tool & 2 x #12 injectors

    Cleaning out the Garage - 6 x #8 injectors that I updated at 40 thousand miles when I went big boost car ran fine & had no issues - Never used ECS Tuning injector seal tool with 6 new seal & I think 8 new - Free 2 x #12 injectors with 100 miles on them. They are damaged were the hold down clamp...