1. Panzerfaust

    SOLD N54 Schrick Cams - aftermarket cams

    Posting a feeler for my BNIB Schrick cams for the N54. Specs on the cams are 268/268 Duration, 11.5mm / 10.5mm lift. These cams DO NOT require aftermarket pistons or even titanium valves (and you might even be able to get away with stock springs depending on your rev limit), so not only could...
  2. Tuningservice.no

    What dual-LPFP solution do you use in your Z4?

    Just bought a E89 Z4 35is DCT that's getting a bottom mount single turbo. What dual in-tank fuel pump solutions for the Z4 is out there?
  3. ATL-IS-N54

    MFactory***LSD GROUP BUY*** up to 25% off!!

    MFactory LSD 750$!!! ***I need everyone who is a committed buyer to check the list and make sure that*** >>> 1) you are on the list and, 2) your specific order is known and listed, so post your order if it's not on the list e.g. "Auto/Manual, Bolted/Welded, LSD/Pumpkin". AND: 3) ALSO list any...