1. Bnks334

    Addressing N5x oiling and spun rod bearings (Accusump installed)

    I posted the gist of this in another thread but I am hoping that making a dedicated thread on this topic results in some CONSTRUCTIVE conversation regarding N5x oiling. Are there improvements that can be made other than just blaming oil? Or, are all the street racing bros right that Rotella is...
  2. lamia2super

    SOLD ETS FMIC and JB4 G5 - sold

    Selling a new in the box ETS 7" Intercooler. SOLD BMS JB4 G5 with cable SOLD ! IMG_5150
  3. Cheezy

    Mizzie @ Milan

    Here are a few of my favorite kills from a no prep test and tune on Oct 15th, 2016. Unfortunately I don't have any videos of pulling the Camaro SS but they were definitely good races. This was a no prep test and tune, and my first time at the track. Car is 2008 335xi e92 with DCI, CP+ BOV, MHD...