precision turbo

  1. V

    Technical PTE oil restrictor before/after

    I did some quick and dirty data comparison after installing a 0.035" oil restrictor on my gen2 PTE 6266 ball bearing turbo. I went with a restrictor because after double checking the drain and PCV setup, the turbo still burned oil with occasional smoke on hard pulls when hitting high rpms. On...
  2. Twisted Tuning

    Dyno Day - N55 VM Top Mount 6266

    All setup for tomorrow. PTE 6266 VM Top mount N55 In for a tune. Let's try and raise the bar for the N55 stock block HP record (currently 650whp).... Going down in the AM!!! #twistedtuning #n55 #mhdflasher #jb4 #precisionturbo #335i #venturamotorsports #spoolstreet #e90post #n54tech...
  3. Philipcrow_stn54

    Phil3, Precision Turbo E90.

    Car is a 2007 e90 335i with the n54 motor, automatic trans. Was purchased stock with 97k miles 2 years ago. Slowly began modding it up to a fbo car running e60 fuel. Turbos began to leak and smoke so recently I did a conversion to a top mounted Precision 6266 1.0ar turbo, with 2 Tial wastegates...