1. AKN54135i

    WTB WTB Stock/Upgraded Inlets/Outlets

    Swapping my 2010 manual 135i from ST to twins, looking for some missing miscellaneous parts. Need inlets, outlets, coolant pipe from engine block(the one with fittings for turbo coolant hoses). Wouldn’t mind aftermarket inlets or outlets. I’ll pay shipping to 99517. Show me what you’ve got!!
  2. NoQuarter

    Review - PSP Hi-Flow Outlets

    I was the winner of the Pinnacle Specialty Performance (PSP) raffle. @Dusty Waterfall was giving away a really nice intercooler for the 3 series but I wanted to replace my silicone turbo outlet pipe with Dusty's nice aluminum one so we agreed to switch to that. I knew my silicone pipe wasn't...
  3. matreyia

    User Review - Wedge Performance vs. Twisted Tuning

    Car: AFE Cold Air Intake, MMP 2 inch inlet,outlets/ Dinan Oil Cooler/ Dinan Intercooler/ CSF Aluminum upgraded Radiator/Propulsive Dynamics Tranny/xHP stage 3/ MHD with M-Boost Option (don't know if this is being used) / VRSF DP/Forge DV valves/upgraded all hoses to silicon/BMW Performance...