1. Seaneezy

    piston tops dirty with oil, should I worry?

    Pics attached. Car was misfiring due to oil on plugs from either leaking VCG or valve cover itself. Regardless, when I'm changing plugs I always like to use my endoscope to see the tops of the pistons to make sure they are healthy. This time they seemed a little more caked than before, should I...
  2. BoostedE90


    •PRODUCT PHOTO• Amsoil developed A NEW Steel Reinforced Synthetic Nano Oil Filter for the N5X platform. Amsoil is well known for their 100% original synthetic oil which is a superior oil lubricant as many of you guys know. If you don’t know get informed! I have been fortunately chosen...
  3. Bnks334

    Addressing N5x oiling and spun rod bearings (Accusump installed)

    I posted the gist of this in another thread but I am hoping that making a dedicated thread on this topic results in some CONSTRUCTIVE conversation regarding N5x oiling. Are there improvements that can be made other than just blaming oil? Or, are all the street racing bros right that Rotella is...
  4. Jeffman

    K&P Engineering High Performance Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter

    Just saw this being advertised by Turner. Anyone have it? Thoughts? Experience? Link: https://www.turnermotorsport.com/p-402535-kp-engineering-high-performance-stainless-steel-micronic-oil-filter-w-machine-finished-end-caps/ Edit: I installed it this week along with the CTS billet oil cap.
  5. R

    Rough idle after oil change

    Hey guys i need your help on this. I changed my oil yesterday and on the way home the car went in limp mode. Next day cold start really runs rough and got these codes all together. Codes: - 29CC Misfire several cylinders (actually all 6) - 2A7C Variable camshaft timing control, intake, cold...