1. M

    MHD crackle tune on custom tune

    Hello people on Spool Street, my name is Mario. I have a beautiful stock 135i with a Custom Tune pushing around 360 wheel, and i was wondering if its possible to still run my custom tune and have the MHD crackle tune enable without any issues. If anyone have any idea on how this could work/...
  2. Sshec152

    FS Revshift 80A motor mounts

    I have brand new set of Revshift 80A motor mounts for an N5X for sale for $300 shipped
  3. matreyia

    Footwell Module 3 New Coding Help

    Hi Everyone, I been doing research on how to code a brand new FRM 3 module to my 2009 e93 335i. I have found numerous forum threads, some youtube videos on related topics, but not a full blown step by step for a non-coder person. Does anyone know how to code a brand new FRM 3 module after...