n55 tuning

  1. B

    Possible DV Leak? Not meeting Load/Boost/MAF Targets

    Hello All! Fairly new to the BMW / MHD world but have quite a lot of experience tuning other platforms using the COBB AP. I recently got an MHD for my 2012 135i (DCT) and have been experimenting with the OTS tunes while I figure out self-tuning (amazing to find public XDF's for TunerPro, love...
  2. G

    Seeking advice DIY tuning F-Series N55 - Overboosting

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. I've been looking for information on how to properly go about tuning the late N55 motor (version without commanded WG) for a while, I've done some experimentation but still have a few issues to iron out. Some guidance or links to good resources would be greatly...
  3. RichMichael97

    Stay Away From RFP Tuning (aka Dean Fuhriman)

    I’m making this post to warn people about RFP Tuning (aka Dean Fuhriman), who has been “tuning” for the N5X community now for a few months. He has a history of screwing up people’s cars, and even bragging about it on Facebook. My first experience with him was Sept 16 when I inquired about his...