n55 issues

  1. seb_n55

    Datalog N55 low power and MHD noob

    Hi guys, I struggle wit low power, some mild overheating ( oil temperature ~120*C) and incre fuel consumptio, 2016 N55 B0 here. I started recently using MHD to look at things but I am a bit stuc. I did a reading and I was thinking you might have some insights on it. Just to mention, I did a...
  2. stelvio

    N55's...how reliable?

    Hello people of SS. I just recently sold my N54 335i and was looking into the N55's due to so many issues that the N54's had. I N54's are known for wastegate rattle, vanos solenoids, cam ledge issues, HPFP, etc, etc...but I'm wondering how much more reliable and/or improved is the N55 engine...