n55 forged

  1. GhassanAutomotive

    Technical Remanufactured N55 Engine - Exclusive $500 Discount for SpoolStreet Members!

    Looking for a high-performance N55 engine? Look no further than Ghassan Automotive Group! Our remanufactured N55 engine delivers record-breaking performance starting at just $4,495, and as a SpoolStreet member, you're eligible for an exclusive discount of $500 off! Our 85,000 sq ft facility in...
  2. G

    N55 upgrades on high power

    Hello guys, I finally decide to keep my car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}, manufactured in 2010 automatic gearbox (No DCT). Mileage this moment is 150,000KM. I need advice from experienced people, what kind of upgrades is neccessary to handle a big power. For instance, `Speedtech` HP charts says, that...
  3. F16-r1

    11 135i Motor question

    So, I am buying a 135i M Sport Manual Coupe and the dealer has given me an option to drop in a forged motor or a low milage used stock motor. My question is where to get a forged long block and is it worth is or should I just stick with the stock motor, also note this is going to be my daily and...