n54 trims stft

  1. zmon1300

    STFT deviation issue. Help!

    Hey guys, I recently been having issues with the car bucking up top when doing WOT pulls. I have pure stg2 turbos. BMP pi. Full e85 car. Index 12 injectors that are about a year old. I noticed a few months ago my VC has a hairline Crack in it. I switched from mmp pi to BMP pi because of this...
  2. C

    Stft2% is always much higher than stft1%

    Z435IS INA0S This is the log https://datazap.me/u/cc61940542/v8-65-%E5%8E%9F%E5%8E%82%E7%BA%BF%E5%9C%88?log=0&data=3-14-15-21-22-23 Stft2% is always much higher than stft1% I haver eplaced 6 brand new -12 injectors,has not been able to solve this problem。Who has a similar experience, I have no...