n54 6266

  1. plzmove

    Single Turbo 135i build process

    I've finally started to install my Speedtech kit on my 1er. I figured I would post some progress pics alongside asking for some advice. What vacuum lines are recommended by other st owners? Do I leave both waste gate solenoids connected but out of the way, I have a 3 port Mac but no use as I am...
  2. Snelson3003

    Ad: NRW N54 FULL CARBON Engine Cover Pre-Sale Launch

    Hey Guys, Its been a long time since I've been engaged on this forum as I am usually busy with the general social media outlets. To be frank, if you reached me on any social media outlet I am working to catch up as I've been busy with making the items etc. So bear with me :) However I was...
  3. V

    N54 6266 dyno at 809whp (796 SAE)

    With a new fuel system, maintenance, other odds and ends taken care of I went back to the dyno and sent it again. Boost only on pump E85, no other power adders were used. I believe this is a new horsepower record for the fairly common N54 6266 top mount setup. .. .. 809 WHP / 755 WTQ...