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    N53 gearbox on N54 engine?

    Hello, does anyone know if the gearbox and flywheel from the N53 engine would work on the N54? I'm doing the swap and I'd like to know before disassembling the car as its my only car. From the pictures on realoem they look a bit different but if it fits with small modifications that's fine.
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    MSD81 IKM0S maps for 330i N53 engine?

    Hello, I was thinking if anyone knows about some maps for the N53B30A engine for the IKM0S firmware. There's a lot of info and knowledge on the internet about this firmware and I would like to profit a bit, but I have the N53 for the moment. The N53 for all it's worth here, is identical to the...
  3. Hydra Performance

    Ad: Hydra Performance Official Product Release Thread

    Quite some time ago we saw the need for another TT N54 option , despite the market being quite crowded already. Existing offerings were, in our opinion, either outright sub-par, overpriced for what you were getting in return, or a combination of both. Therefore we decided to design and...