1. Michael721

    6hp19z vs 6hp19TU vs 6HP21

    Hi! The internet is full of oposite-way informations and for my customer project, I need to know the valid informatiom. Are these three gearboxes (6hp19z, 6hp19TU, 6HP21) in technical way the same just with different labels from different companies? A lot of forums and even wiki say so. Can...
  2. 4

    M57 Datalogging

    G'day all, Currently have an Australian delivered LCI 530d (M57N2) and have added pretty much everything from the Darkside Developments catalogue. GTD2872VRK, CP4 HPFP, de cat & dpf, egr delete, wagner FMIC. I would call it full bolt ons. I'm trying to do some data logging using BimmerLink...
  3. S

    Sunz - BMW E60 530d MT

    Hello spoolstreet, I'm new to the forum, My nickname is Sunz and i'm from Portugal. I own a BMW E60 530d from 2003 (first year of production) with the M57N and manual transmission. I'ts my first car and i bought it on 2016. Best Regards.
  4. Krazi3azn

    M57 - How to fit a N54 intercooler and delete red boost hose

    Here’s a how to delete your red boost pipe and get an intercooler for under $300 Not so much a DIY since it’s a straight forward install. Main reason of doing this is eliminate the leaky red boost hose and also find an alternative better than stock. Yes, there are alternatives out there like...