1. A

    N54 PCV/OCC (Oil Catch Can) set up for M18 VC (valve cover) on my 335IS

    So once I realized the dilemma of needing oil catch cans after installing the valve cover. Due to there being no cyclonic separator, as well as not being able to reuse the OEM PCV or CCV (Crank case vent hose) as the 2 ports (high/boost and low/vacuum) on the M18 VC are both just -10AN. I then...
  2. Slow335is

    SOLD Brand New M18 N54 Valve Cover

    Brand new in box M18 BMW N54 cast valve cover powder coated black with the stock coil or R8 coil adapter bracket. No more Plastic junk as this is cast.Asking $750 shipped retail is $790 willing to work deal out if you have stock Downpipes to trade and $. This includes the bolts needed and...