1. keninger

    Ad: Log Dyno - Measure Horsepower & Torque from your Datalog

    Hello Everyone, I would like to show you what I have been working on the past couple of months. It is called Log Dyno for Android and iOS. Log Dyno can measure Horsepower and Torque from your data logs. The first question which comes to mind with an app like this is how accurate is it? You have...
  2. Rob09msport

    Thoughts on wth I need to fix now

    I am fbo with inlets outlets fully catless walnut blasted 5k ago new injectors and plugs 15k on hpfp and turbos and now my wgdc is high. https://datazap.me/u/robby37/high-wgdc-i-think?log=0&data=3-22 Could this be boost solenoid aka pressure converter I changed one 10k miles ago because was...
  3. FredHarwood

    Strange boost problem!

    Hi everyone, strange issues with the 335i! Car is a 2006 RHD N54 335i with DP, intercooler, BOV, Charge pipe, Inlets, Outlets and RB Ones, JB4 (G4) Curently Map 2 (14.5 psi). I have been having some issues with making boost. Most of the time the car will spool up no issue hit the 14.5psi...