jb4 g5

  1. jmctuning

    Flex Fuel reading 4v problem

    Hello to anyone who can assist me with my Flex Fuel issue I have setup flex fuel using a specific MHD tune from an experienced tuner (JSR) and a fuel-IT ethanol analyzer which can read over bluetooth plus on a 0-5v signal wire My setup; The ECA analyzer wire plugged into Harness PIN#16 on the...
  2. 335is02

    SOLD Jb4 and port injection controller with blue tooth

    Up for sale my jb4 with port injection controller and blue tooth Ran this on my 335is single turbo it’s all wired up already including antilag and aluminum case. Also have a hobb switch harness I’ll throw in just drop it in ready to go. 600 for everything.
  3. SJ_1989

    SOLD N54 JB4 G5 ISO

    Used, in good condition. Comes with cable. No bent pins. $300 shipped CONUS.