1. B

    MSD81 IKM0S maps for 330i N53 engine?

    Hello, I was thinking if anyone knows about some maps for the N53B30A engine for the IKM0S firmware. There's a lot of info and knowledge on the internet about this firmware and I would like to profit a bit, but I have the N53 for the moment. The N53 for all it's worth here, is identical to the...
  2. aus335iguy

    N54 Flash IKMOS on your non IKMOS car 1M on a non M car

    Couple of people have asked now so I thought id share so its not such a secret Edit Prerequisite for this is that you have an MSD81 DME Attached are two files. One is EU spec and the other is US You can use either in either market(I think) but if you use the US version in an EU car you'll need...
  3. aus335iguy


    Stock US IKMOS bin file