1. T

    N55 Throttle Fluctuating - Any advice? Log Included

    Hi Guys, New to the site, but keen for some well informed opinions! Car: E90 335i, N55, Manual 1) When accelerating the car doesn't pull cleanly/consistently, there is some easing and re-surging when accelerating. This actually happens most noticeably under light acceleration. 2) Idle...
  2. N54savage

    N54 Idle Surge? Help needed

    I need some help diagnosing an idle issue. The idle fluctuates pretty bad and comes close to stalling out. There are no check engine lights and I did a smoke test and found no vacuum leaks. Any idea why the car will not throw any engine lights? Thanks in advance. data logo using testo...
  3. R

    Rough idle after oil change

    Hey guys i need your help on this. I changed my oil yesterday and on the way home the car went in limp mode. Next day cold start really runs rough and got these codes all together. Codes: - 29CC Misfire several cylinders (actually all 6) - 2A7C Variable camshaft timing control, intake, cold...