1. FredHarwood

    Strange boost problem!

    Hi everyone, strange issues with the 335i! Car is a 2006 RHD N54 335i with DP, intercooler, BOV, Charge pipe, Inlets, Outlets and RB Ones, JB4 (G4) Curently Map 2 (14.5 psi). I have been having some issues with making boost. Most of the time the car will spool up no issue hit the 14.5psi...
  2. V

    Technical Another cast manifold vband N54 turbo kit

    What's up with the recent influx of VTT designs released by other companies? First the alibaba special turbos, now this cast manifold v-band kit from Tomioka Racing: http://www.tomiokaracing.com/products/tr-twin-turbo-upgrade-for-bmw-n54 Some interesting things about the above linked turbos...
  3. M

    What is the highest HP from all the hybrid turbos?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the highest HP that have been put down by all of the hybrid turbos that are out. RB(Original RB, RB Evo's, RB Super Evo's) Vargas(Stage 2, 2+, GC Lite, GC), Hexon (RR550,RR600,RR700), Pure Turbo S2, MMP Stage 3, and any other's I'm missing. Please...