1. Asbjorn

    The grand track tour of China

    The number of Chinese racetracks is increasing, making it one of the most exciting countries to visit as a driving enthusiast at the moment. Below is a list of tracks from just one track builder in China (there are others as well): I have spent some years living as a foreigner in China, and...
  2. aus335iguy

    E9X M Drive retrofit on e9x 335i/s

    Now that @dyezak has done the drivelogic retrofit to his ‘IS i feel inspired to persue some M goodness of my own. Ill do drivelogic eventually and ill likely change to an M3 diff as well but one other thing that interests me as well is M Drive. A company in Sydney called brintech reckon that...
  3. ATL-IS-N54

    MFactory***LSD GROUP BUY*** up to 25% off!!

    MFactory LSD 750$!!! ***I need everyone who is a committed buyer to check the list and make sure that*** >>> 1) you are on the list and, 2) your specific order is known and listed, so post your order if it's not on the list e.g. "Auto/Manual, Bolted/Welded, LSD/Pumpkin". AND: 3) ALSO list any...