Ad: THOR - the M Flasher - iOS GTS and CS Flasher for DCT, DSC (MDM), LSD and EPS

    Dear SpoolStreet Community, on this Thread I would like to introduce our iOS app „THOR - the M Flasher“ THOR is a tuning solution to flash your dual-cutch transmission, dynamic stability control, limited slip differential and electromechanical steering with your iOS Smartphone by yourself...
  2. aus335iguy

    Parts Required for M3GTS conversion in 135/335.

    Parts for the GTS conversion are as follows be aware that some of these are pre/post LCI and you need to get the one for your car...also the trim is LHD/RHD specific, govent the audience is majority LHD ive posted them. GWS 61317842102 Drivelogic button 61317835039 6 Pin Connector for Drivelogic...