1. viaghosty

    WTB BPM4 EOS n55

    Hi, in desperate need for a EOC bpm4 control module for n55
  2. V

    Technical 550i O2 sensor for single turbo

    This sensor recommendation is unverified, proceed at your own risk. Lately I've been hearing through the facebook grapevine of 550i O2 sensors being recommended for single turbo use. Then someone else told me they are the same as ADV, but I'm not sold on that claim. Realoem indicates they are...
  3. digitalashley

    N54 (E87) LPFP psi low??..

    Hi everyone, I have gone from a stock 135i (N54) low pressure fuel pump due to low psi (52-42psi) readings at idle and throughout RPM range (rail pressure would drop and cause limp mode), to a walbro 450 and have retained the bucket and Venturi to keep it close to stock as possible and...
  4. B

    335i VDO Throttle Body

    Came off a 2008 335i at 40 thousand miles. Works fine. Comes with new gasket. I had a code I was chasing & bought a new throttle body. Turned out to be a ECM problem that needed a coding fix. Text Barry 604-561-5156 $150.00 Shipped Firm