fuel pump

  1. CantSitStill

    LPFP behaviour after stage 1 upgrade

    Hi Guys, I have just upgraded my LPFP to a stage 1 in line in tank (walbro 255lph). Anyway I did it because I was dropping down to 49psi at WOT and the rail was draining. It solved the issue however, to start with after the upgrade I was holding 73psi all the time. Fast forward a month and now...
  2. mb21111

    FS N54 Parts For Sale

    Spring Cleaning parts for sale. Please let me know what you would like. Located in Boston, Massachusetts. All parts except for the steering wheel trim were pulled from a 2008 BMW 535XI with 70,000 miles. 1: E92 steering wheel trim $10 2: Alternator cable $15 3: Transmission oil line $30 4: N54...
  3. V

    Technical Boost Referenced Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Question: For boost referenced FPRs, is there any ratio available other than 1:1? Context: I'm eventually planning on putting together an overkill fuel system for 35+ psi with ST and e85: triple walbro 450s, FPR with return line, ID1000s or 1300s on the PI rail, etc etc. If I used a 1:1 FPR...