1. RSicks

    FS N54 535i Performance Part Out

    I am parting out my '10 535i N54 before I trade her in. I have priced the items with shipping except the FMIC as I have no clue what shipping would be. I feel these are fair pricing to include shipping, but if you want to ask less - it would not include shipping. If you are relatively local to...
  2. E

    FS SOLD F3X, F22, F87, M235i, M2 Active Autowerke Front Mount Intercooler Black

    Hi everyone, I'm new on here but have been on bimmerpost since 2010. Intercooler is in great shape please PM me with any questions. Price: $400 shipped to the 48 states...
  3. YouAreMyWorld

    2017 - "Best" FMIC Thread | What's everyone running? + Data

    Hey everyone, I feel that such valuable data is very stratified for our platform--especially when it comes to those looking for the most efficient/effective means of providing adequate cooling for their vehicles when pushing either the limits of stock turbo's or Upgraded Twins or ST kits. I'd...
  4. Cheezy

    Heat Taping the FMIC

    I got to thinking about heat management today. We spend too much time and money trying to dissipate heat from every inch of our engine bays... Or on the contrary we completely overlook it. I often see images of gold taped charge pipes and intake manifolds, but something I seldom see is taped...
  5. M

    Slightly used DPs, charge pipe, BOV and FMIC

    looking for VRSF catless DPs, VRSF 7in FMIC, charge pipe and BOV. Give me a text at 267-374-6073