1. Subwoofer

    PDC not working

    Hello all, so my PDC (front and rear) has been messing up. It was working originally. Then the PDC button flashes green... now it’s not flashing. I have plugged into INPA and ISTA. The car recognises the gear going into reverse, and clicking the button. There are no PDC codes. does anyone...
  2. PTF

    bootmod3 S58 Support - F97 F98 X3M X4M - Now Available!

    bootmod3 - World's First, Most Advanced and Widely Adopted BMW Flash Tuning Platform Cloud based solution with a web based interface for use on macOS, Windows and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Developed and tested in-house from the ground up over the course of almost 2 years prior to its...
  3. aus335iguy

    How to flash the BMW DCT

    Ok chaps I’m sick of referring people to another forum for this. It’s home is now here. This isn’t my guide I copied it from elsewhere. Do your research and I take no responsibility if you brick your car... it’s all part of the game If you haven't used BMW standard tools i would suggest...