1. X

    Road to FBO - N54

    Hey guys so I’m almost ready to go full bolt on. I got MHD, VRSF coated downpipes, VRSF 7” FMIC, DCI, and still on the market for a charge pipe and BOV. I don’t want to put anything together until I have all that I need and all proper maintenance to make sure no issues come down the line. My...
  2. TurboMike

    Lots of performance parts for sale

    Items are for the n54 335i. Also obo. Would prefer offers be through PM and not on the post. Pure stage 2 turbos Hi-flow, 2" inlet option Should arrive week of 12/5- $3100 VRSF metal inlets 2"- sold MMP metal outlets- sold VRSF 3" catless downpipes- sold Fuel it stage 2 pump(it has never...