1. M

    B58 swap into a f22 M235i

    B58 swap into m235i f22 2014 Who’s done it and what do I need to know? Obviously it’s the same chassis as the m240i so will bolt in fine More concerned if I can just plug the new engine loom in and flash the ecu to work will all my current modules or not? Going b58 after blowing up n55 even...
  2. GON55

    Running EPS steering Without factory DME/ECU

    Is there a way I can run the EPS steering without the factory DME/ECU? My car is a F22 M2. It is built as a full circuit race car and has a stand-alone ecu (motec). The car is ready for racing but we cannot provide signals to the steering as it is flexray. Is there a way around this
  3. BmwN55

    FS Airlift air suspension F30, F31, F32, F33, F36, F22, F23

    1500 firm Airlift 3P kit for BMW 335i F30. Located in St Pete Florida. Fits some other models 2 gallon tank 2 viair pumps - not sure model Does not include 3/8 line Management is 2 years old Bags are 1 year old. Also have wheels and other stuff for sale.
  4. E

    FS SOLD F3X, F22, F87, M235i, M2 Active Autowerke Front Mount Intercooler Black

    Hi everyone, I'm new on here but have been on bimmerpost since 2010. Intercooler is in great shape please PM me with any questions. Price: $400 shipped to the 48 states...
  5. F

    Differences in N55 between E series cars and F series cars

    Whats the difference (engine internals and turbo) between the N55 applications in the E series cars and the F series cars? Thanks!