1. O

    SOLD BMW Performance Exhaust for 1 series w/cutout

    Currently on the car but throwing up the post to see if anyone is interested. I've added a cutout before the muffler for less backpressure and for the ability to open and close the flap, triggering stealth or race mode. Send me zip code for quote. Located in Massachusetts. $800 + shipping obo
  2. Subwoofer

    To all the UK boys - Exhaust

    I'm really looking at getting a decat + a nice catback... Im based in the UK and everytime I find something nice, like the ATM, or VRSF its always based in the US, when I factor in shipping import etc etc, it becomes a pita does anyone know of any good companies etc in the UK that can help me...
  3. gmagnus7

    Exhaust theory on N54 & turbos in general

    I wanted to talk exhaust theory and get some opinions from people: I've been reading a lot on these forums and it seems that most people are content with the stock exhaust (modified or not) or go with single 3" systems. This kind of bothered/confused me because I always read that the lower the...
  4. BMW 135i N55 | 3.5" LOUD turboback exhaust! - YouTube

    BMW 135i N55 | 3.5" LOUD turboback exhaust! - YouTube

    2013 BMW 135is N55 Black Market Racing 3.5" catback exhaust with custom down pipe (straight 3.5", no Y splits) MHD Tuning Injen Intake Evolution Racewerks FMIC
  5. hassan_hamdan

    Raspy Sound on Start up?

    Hey guys, so i wasnt to sure if this was normal or not, but everytime i start up my n54 135i (Bone stock atm), i get this lound raspy rattle in my exhaust. Only lasts for about a minuite or two until engine warms up, then its completely gone. To add more confusion to this all, if during the...
  6. hassan_hamdan

    E8X Quad exhaust with performance???

    Hey guys i wanted to ask on opinions for quad exhaust set up for the 135i. Im currently running a 09 135i which i am planing on building as a show car, however my personall philosophy is that if a car looks mean, it better drive mean, so while i throw my money at this to look great, i do want...
  7. B

    VRSF 07-11 N54 Down Pipes $225.00 Shipped

    Vrsf down pipes off my 2008 E93 with N54 In perfect shape. No dents or flange damage. Heat colored of course. $225.00 Shipped I live in Vancouver Canada. So I need a max of 2 weeks to make a trip across the border to ship. Text me @ Barry 604-561-5156