1. Boorda

    E9X Door Connector Pin Drawing 5-965908-1 2023-08-03

    This is the manufacturing drawing for the terminal pins located in the door connector. This style is referred to as an "MQS" or "Micro Quadlok System" connector which is designed for automotive applications. Useful if adding retrofits like this rear door speakers for Logic7 upgrade or powering...
  2. 3

    Huge Dyno Chart Archive.

    Just figured i would copy paste my R3v Thread here... Control F is your friend. Original thread: http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=327183 I tried laying it into this forum but too many pics, to many characters, etc.
  3. bleedsblue0023

    VRSF N55 Ceramic Coat DP N55EX100 $150 Shipped - SOLD

    Hi all, $150 Shipped. I ran this VRSF pipe from May 2015 until May 2016. About 12k miles. The pipe comes as is, no bolts or hardware. The ceramic coat is worn in a few places due to install and removal. I highly recommend getting OEM gaskets, not cheap aftermarket ones as I had 2 sets leak...