1. DreadedN54

    gfb mac solenoid bad?

    was wondering if anyone can help me out single turbo n54 GFB three controller mac solenoid used to buzz when I turn the ignition on I thought it went out so l bought a new one and it's doing the same thing not buzzing and car is only getting 11 pounds of boost but when I put a manual boost...
  2. SJ_1989

    SOLD N54 Precision Stage 3+ LPFP (brand new)

    Up for sale is a brand new Precision Stage 3+ LPFP. Originally purchased for $718 from Precision's website. Few packages were open because I started assembling but taking a different direction. Comes with Hobb's switch. Price is $550 shipped CONUS...
  3. V

    Technical Ignition advance on E85

    How much should I run? Gonna take a stab at tuning the car myself. Most logs I've reviewed from others with my setup (Doc Race / gen2 precision 6266 on full E85) have timing around 10* up top, but that's on a stock motor. I have a built bottom end and JE pistons with beefy ringlands and rings...
  4. Ztuck45

    Double shotgun fuel pressure oscillation

    I have recently finished installing my VTTO double shotgun kit. The car runs good and has all the fuel pressure, but I’ve noticed the FP_H fluctuating during pulls and i was wondering if anyone has seen this. I’m currently running an ots bef (St_e85_THR) while i wait for my wedge tune. Is it...
  5. Ztuck45

    Precision Raceworks coil failure?

    I’m looking for some insight. I recently developed a cylinder 6 and 5 misfire. Cylinder 6 was intermittent under load and cylinder 5 started misfiring intermittently as well but eventually became a constant misfire (Even at idle). I just started running full e85 after installing a double shotgun...
  6. hassan_hamdan

    E8x Non-LCI Tear down, CF Eyebrow and Rings DIY Thread

    First, let me say, im no professional by any means, and figured I would try my hand at creating a solution for a problem that isn't really addressed. In the fall had hit a hard enough pothole without paying attention, and although the 1er was alright, the inner grey ring for the adaptive...
  7. hassan_hamdan

    How Many E8x Are Here?

    I feel like the 1 series form isnt as heavy as the 3 series or anything else really. Im curious to see where some of you guys are from. Post up a pic of your 1er, any mods, and location! Alberta, Canada.
  8. S

    E85 as a 91 octane booster?

    I've done some googling and still haven't found anything that seems to answer this clearly. Sorry if it's been hashed out already. I live in CA. We only have 91 octane fuel. I do have E85 near me. Without doing ANY mods or tuning, can I add a couple gallons of E85 to each tankful of 91 just...
  9. Snelson3003

    Dyno Results, Sharp Customs Port Injection Manifold.

    Alright guys and gals, Here are the Dyno results for the Sharp Customs on my 2010 N54 135i. @Sharp My last dyno without PI made 498WHP and 516TQ, on E65 Fueling and 21.5Psi of boost w/13.8 degrees of timing. This was the ABSOLUTE MAX i could run with the stock HPFP. This was also on a lean...
  10. Snelson3003

    Sharp Customs N54 Sheet Metal Port Injection Intake Manifold: Testing and Future Review!

    Hey Guys (and gals? ) So I was in contact with Marcus @Sharp and we had some great conversations about using my car as the test mule for their new offering of the N54 Port Injection Manifold. Marcus was kind enough to send me a sample of the manifold as is. So we can expect this for now to be...