1. regular_car_fella

    My intro

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking on these forums since I got my car, but have never actually made an account until now. I have a 2010 E61 535i xdrive with just basic bolt ons, MHD tune, and some small cosmetic enhancements (m5 style bumper etc etc). I've had so6me issues with this car over the...
  2. Kidd


    New here- I’m looking to do a RWD conversion on my E61 so I can turn up the boost with out it breaking. What is the cost for a job like this? I see someone on here has done it before and turned out great. Can anyone please direct me to shop that can do the swap
  3. mb21111

    FS RB Turbo Next Gen Plus

    For sale is my set of RB Next Gen Plus Turbo chargers for the E60/E61/E8X. I originally purchased these turbos with their supporting hardware (oil drains etc) new for over $3500. The turbos were in my car for approximately 1500-2000 miles, after which I noticed a low boost issue. I sent both...
  4. ThatSTe61

    Single Turbo E61 Build

    Alright I’m hopping back into the forum life, something which I haven’t been a part of since I used to ride motorcycles. Recently took the plunge and picked up a car I’ve wanted for a long while now. I’ve wanted an E61535xi ever since I ran across several build logs years and years ago. Well...