1. M

    Howdy! (N54 swap research)

    Hi there! I'm here to research for my upcoming n54 swap and to learn all things boost! I currently have a 2005 bmw 330xi (e46) that's basically stock apart from the custom long travel coilovers, custom built winch bumper and roof rack, full underbody skid plates, 4.44 diffs, and 30in...
  2. thegriffen

    E46 M3 N54 Swap Build Log

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd take some time to share a build a friend and I have been (slowly) working on since the beginning of this year (2018). I actually tried to make this thread on another forum sometime during the summer, but my post ended up being eaten, and I didn't have the...
  3. apexraceparts

    Ad: JRZ RS Coilover Package Group Buy - Hosted by APEX

    After a lot of negotiations and work, we're proud to unveil an opportunity to save up to 20% off our premium E46 coilover packages. These are built with race-proven suspension components from JRZ, Ground Control and Hyperco. We offer various dampers, custom spring rates, and your choice of...