1. X

    Road to FBO - N54

    Hey guys so I’m almost ready to go full bolt on. I got MHD, VRSF coated downpipes, VRSF 7” FMIC, DCI, and still on the market for a charge pipe and BOV. I don’t want to put anything together until I have all that I need and all proper maintenance to make sure no issues come down the line. My...
  2. Fishayyy

    Looking to get a new car: E30 vs E36

    So I'm looking to get a second car to keep some miles off my 335i and also so I can take on more lengthy projects without having to worry about needing my car for work the next morning. I'm not really a brand loyalist but it's hard to beat how much performance you can get out of an E30 or an E36...